Watching Shows on Smart TV: The Best VPNs

You can use any of these VPNs to watch shows on SmartTV. These VPNs are the best that you can use on your Smart TV because of several reasons. In general, all of them have very strong networks. The strong server networks help you to access servers in any country in the world. Second, these VPNs are quite fast. Therefore, when you use them, you can easily stream live content on your Smart TV. The following are detailed descriptions of how these VPNs work and the things that make them the best that you can use on your Smart TV.

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Express VPN

Several things make Express VPN one of the top 10 VPN services that you can use on your Smart TV. In the first place, the service has a long reputation of providing high-quality VPN services to clients. Going by its history, many clients believe that Express VPN is one of the most established VPN service providers in the market. Second, Express VPN takes the privacy of its clients very seriously. Therefore, the service does not keep records of your online activities. The emphasis that the company lays on providing high-quality services and protecting client privacy make it one of the best VPN services.


HideMyAss has servers in more than 80 countries in the world. Also, the servers of HideMyAss are in different regions of the world. Therefore, regardless of your location, you can use a HideMyAss server nearest to you to connect to the internet. If you are using a Smart TV, you can use the service to access shows from any company that streams media content online. Furthermore, HideMyAss is particularly useful when you have to access US-based sites. For example, you can use it to access the content that Netflix streams to its clients in the US.


IP Vanish is another common VPN service that you can use on your Smart TV. First, setting up IP Vanish on your Smart TV is a simple and short process. Second, IP Vanish has a wonderful team of client support services in place. If you run into technical problems when setting up the service on your Smart TV, the representatives are always ready to help you. Lastly, IP Vanish allows clients to connect more than two devices to the Internet using a single account.


One of the defining features of VyprVPN is that the service offers high connectivity speeds to its clients. The company running the service invested resources in building its network and other features. Therefore, VyprVPN, compared to many other popular VPN services, has greater control over its network and service in general. Second, VyprVPN does not keep client logs. Therefore, the service pays much attention to the need for maintaining client privacy.

Cactus VPN

You can use Cactus VPN to overcome any geo-restrictions on online content. In fact, the main objective of using a VPN service on your Smart TV is to overcome any form of restriction that companies place on their content. In this case, you can use Cactus VPN to overcome restrictions and ensure that you access all the content that you would like to watch. Besides, Cactus VPN has relatively cheap pricing plans. Therefore, if you have a limited budget, then you should consider using Cactus VPN to access all TV shows on your Smart TV.

Lime VPN

You can connect up to three different devices to the internet using your LimeVPN account. Given that some VPN services only allow you to connect a single device at any given time, Lime VPN is better than them on this score. Second, Lime VPN has very few servers in about 20 countries. The small size of the company means that it can provide its clients with highly personalised services. Whereas many other VPN services that have very many clients struggle to maintain the quality of their services, Lime VPN finds it easy to meet client expectations. Therefore, you can use Lime VPN to unblock content on your Smart TV.

Perfect Privacy

Perfect Privacy is another VPN service that you can suitably use on your Smart TV. The service has very efficient security features, the most notable one being server cascading. Second, you will have to go through a lengthy setup process. The long setup process is a way of ensuring that the company meets the expectations of its customers about security and privacy.

In conclusion, you can use any of these VPN services to access all the content that you desire to watch on your Smart TV. Although all these services have completely different pricing plans, they share similar security features. Therefore, your choice largely depends on your preferences.

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