Find Out the Best VPN for BitTorrenting Activities

If you have ever used BitTorrent to download and share files online, you must know by now that you get exposed. Every time you use the system and that you cannot claim to be entirely secure. However, you can choose to become completely anonymous and secure while using BitTorrent. You can download your files at very high speeds when you use VPN for your BitTorrenting activities. Here is a detailed guide on how to use VPN for BitTorrenting Activities.


Why you need VPN for BitTorrenting Activities

There are three reasons as to why you need to use VPN for your BitTorrenting activities. They are as follows.

  • To control the level of access that your ISP provider gets to your BitTorrenting activities

Your ISP provider knows all the details about your activities as well as your identity when you use the common sites such as uTorrent and Pirates Bay. However, you may find it necessary to hide your identity. Nowadays, many people realise the need to remain anonymous when they are online. Therefore, you may have to use a VPN service to help you remain completely anonymous so that no one can get your real identity.

  • To overcome the speed restrictions that service providers impose at times

You ISP provider get to know all your BitTorrenting activities over time. It follows that your provider can control your download speed easily since the company knows your identity and can easily monitor what you are doing on the site. Using a VPN service is the perfect solution to this problem. A good VPN service will make you anonymous. Furthermore, a good VPN service will encrypt all the data that you send and receive and no one will control your speeds.

  • To keep away from hackers

When you use uTorrent, for example, you will realise that you can see what all the other members are up to. Funny enough, hackers nowadays are taking a keen interest in what people do when downloading files. Hackers can find very easy targets by simply pretending to be downloading files on these common sites. When their real intention is to plant malware on your computer. They can gain access to your computer by successfully sneaking malware into the genuine files that you are downloading.

Therefore, to overcome hackers when carrying out your BitTorrenting activities, you need to use a VPN service.

How to choose the best VPN for Torrents

There are many examples of VPN services which you can use for your BitTorrenting activities. However, you need to use the best VPN service which can help you achieve your objectives. Here is a simple list of some of the factors that you need to consider when choosing the best VPN for BitTorrenting activities.

  • The speed of the VPN

Many VPN services claim to offer you the best downloading and uploading speeds. However, you need to remember that all VPN services work in more or less the same manner. They all encrypt your data and transfer the encrypted data through completely secure tunnels before they decrypt it at the point of the recipient. The practice of encrypting and re-routing data usually leads to slightly slow speeds. The similarity in the manner in which all VPN services work means that you should be prepared to experience slightly reduced speeds in general.

However, we still have VPN services which can give you a good balance between speed and the need to remain completely secure when downloading your files. You can review the performance of different types of VPN services available in the market and then choose one that has the best speed.

  • Protocols

All VPN services have different types of built-in protocols. For example, HideMyAss Pro VPN uses the following protocols: PPTP, L2TP, SSTP and Open VPN. Since the service uses a large number of protocols, it lets you access the internet better in general. Also, the more the number of protocols which any VPN service supports. The better your experience of using the service for your BitTorrenting activities is.

  • Price

If you want to use a VPN for BitTorrenting activities, then you must go for the best VPN. The average monthly price for a good VPN service is $5. However, some services will charge you more than the average price of $5 per month. What is important to consider is that any good VPN service should give you balance regarding price, speed and other criteria.

In conclusion, when you have to use a VPN for BitTorrenting Activities, you need to choose a good service. So, the VPN lets you download your files at high speed and securely.

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