How to Use any App while at School

Your school does not allow you to use specific apps when within the school compound. Different schools have different policies. However, many schools consider some apps and websites inappropriate for use within the school compound. Others block specific websites that they believe their students should not access at all whether in or out of school.

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For reasons best known to them, schools use Wi-Fi restrictions. They select specific websites that they consider unsuitable and then block them. If you are within the school compound, and you try to access the sites or use specific apps, you will receive an error message.

How schools block specific apps and sites

There are several ways in which schools can block specific websites and apps. One of the ways is by blocking the names of the specific websites that the schools would like to restrict. For example, if a school chooses to block Facebook by its name, it may configure its server settings in such a way that when you type the word, “Facebook”, you will not access the site.

Using the name to block sites is an old method. Currently, you can bypass this type of restriction by only using the IP address of the site that you want to access. You can get the IP address of the site while at home and then carry it to school. Using the school computers, you can use the IP address instead of the name of the website to bypass the school Wi-Fi restrictions.

The second way by which schools can block specific apps and websites is by using the IP addresses. Schools use the IP addresses of the servers of specific sites to block you from accessing them whenever you are within the school compound.

How to overcome school restrictions and use any App while at School

There are three main ways you can use to overcome school Wi-Fi restrictions and use any app within the school compound. These are as follows.

  1. Using a Smart DNS service

A Smart DNS service helps you to access any blocked site. In practice, a Smart DNS has very many servers in different parts of the world. When you connect to a Smart DNS service, you can access any site in the world because the service hides your IP address. Therefore, you can use a Smart DNS service to bypass all the restrictions that your school imposes and use any app while in school.

However, one common problem of using a Smart DNS service is that some websites can now detect traffic from a Smart DNS service and block the traffic. Therefore, although a Smart DNS can help you to overcome all the restrictions that your school imposes on using its Wi-Fi, it may not help you use all the apps while at school.

  1. Using a DNS Proxy Server

A DNS proxy server contacts specific websites on your behalf. When you use a DNS proxy server, you can easily bypass all forms of restrictions because the servers access the sites on your behalf. Therefore, specific servers cannot detect your IP address. Besides, servers cannot tell your exact location.

Therefore, you can use any DNS proxy server service to overcome the restrictions that your school imposes on using its Wi-Fi network. As it is the case with Smart DNS, using a DNS proxy server will not guarantee you access to all sites. Some sites can now successfully detect traffic from Smart DNS servers.

  1. Using a VPN

A VPN service is the most efficient way that you can use to overcome all the Wi-Fi restrictions that your school authorities impose. At its basic, a VPN service solves all the problems that clients experience when using either a Smart DNS or DNS Proxy server service. One, a VPN service encrypts all the data of clients before channelling it through completely secure tunnels. Therefore, websites cannot detect and block a VPN service as easily as they can identify and block Smart DNS and DNS proxy servers.

In conclusion, a VPN service is the best way that you can use to overcome internet restrictions at school and use any App while at School. You can use a VPN service to access any website and use any app while within the school.

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