Unblock Geo-Restricted Websites : Do Not Pass Go

Why the need to unblock geo-restricted websites?

Not all websites allow everyone to access their content. In many cases, many websites limit the regions in which they make their content available. For example, you may find that a music streaming website says that its content is only available in Europe, Australia and North America. When you travel out of these areas, you will not access the service at all. Similarly, you may find that a video streaming service does not stream its content in particular areas. Regardless of the status of your membership on such a site, you will not access the services when you are out of specific countries.

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However, you may have to travel from one country to another at some point in life. More importantly, you may relocate to a different region in the world to study or even to work. All these scenarios point to the need for you to unblock geo-restricted websites at some time in your life.

Using VPN

A VPN service is a unique, virtual and private network of computers that overlaps on the public network but allows you to remain anonymous and secure when using the internet. There are many different uses of VPNs. However, one important use of these services is that you can use any of them to access geo-restricted content.

There is nothing complicated that you need to know for you to access geo-restricted websites using a VPN. The first thing that you need to know is that you need to purchase a plan with a reputable VPN service. There are very many VPN services in the market today. Also, all these services have different pricing plans. Therefore, you need to take your time to research on the pricing plans of the different VPN services and then choose a service and a plan that suit your needs and budget.

Any good VPN service will let you unblock geo-restricted websites by encrypting all the data that you send and receive while online. The VPN service also effectively hides your IP address. Therefore, you can access all websites in the world since the servers cannot detect your location at all.

More so, a good VPN service usually has its servers in different countries in the world. The number of servers and their distribution is a good indicator of the strength of a VPN service. For example, HideMyAss, one of the most top 10 VPN services, has over 900 servers located in over 190 different countries in the world. When you use the service, you can access websites in all regions of the world because the service has very many servers in different parts of the world.

Using Smart DNS

You can also access geo-restricted content by using a Smart DNS service. You need to know that there are several differences between a Smart DNS and a VPN service. One of the main differences is in the manner in which the two types of services work.

A VPN encrypts your data and makes you completely anonymous. The servers of the websites that you visit cannot unmask you at all. On the other hand, a Smart DNS changes your IP address and gives you a different one that matches those which the website you are accessing accepts. So, if you are accessing a website that only permits users in Europe yet, for some reason, you are not in Europe, a Smart DNS can help you overcome this restriction. The service gives you an entirely different IP address that shows that you are located in Europe when in truth, you are located elsewhere.

As it is the case with VPNs, all Smart DNS services require that you pay specific amounts of money for you to use their services. The specific pricing plans of different Smart DNS services differ. Therefore, when you choose to use Smart DNS to bypass geographical restrictions, you need to research and find a service that suits your needs and budget.


So, you can see that both VPN and Smart DNS can help you access geo-restricted content. The difference between how the two services work lies in encryption. The VPN is more comprehensive and secure. It encrypts your data and makes you completely anonymous and secure. On the other hand, Smart DNS does not encrypt your data.

Therefore, when you use a Smart DNS service, you remain vulnerable. However, the good news is that even a Smart DNS service lets you unblock geo-restricted websites since it gives you an entirely different IP address which matches those that the website accepts.

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