How to Unblock Facebook at School or Anywhere

Your school administrators intentionally block many sites, including Facebook. For reasons best known to them, they make it impossible for you to access Facebook when you are at school. However, you can overcome these restrictions. Here is a brief description of some of the three common ways which you can use to unblock Facebook at school or anywhere.

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3 Methods to Unblock Facebook at School

Method 1: Using proxy servers

Proxy servers are special types of servers which let you access any site in the world from anywhere. It is common to see people using proxy servers to access geo-restricted content. For example, Netflix does not stream to all countries in the world. When you find yourself in a country in which Netflix does not stream, you can easily unblock the site from your location using a proxy server.

A proxy server lets you unblock any content and access all websites because it contacts the websites on your behalf. The proxy server uses completely different IP address to contact the sites in question on your behalf. Therefore, the sites cannot detect that you are the actual person who is looking for specific information.

You can use a proxy server to unblock Facebook at school by following the following steps.

  1. Choose a number of proxy servers from those which you can find. You need to look for as many web proxy servers as possible (best free anonymous proxy servers). You can do this by conducting a simple search for web proxy servers.
  2. Select about ten sites which you think can help you. You can review the different servers that you select so that you have a basic understanding of what to expect when using them.
  3. Try your list of selected proxy servers when in school. You will realise that some proxy servers do not work. You should not be alarmed. Many school administrators are on the lookout for web proxy servers. They usually keep a list of well known proxy servers and ensure that the servers do not work within the school.
  4. Once you get the proxy server that your school administrators are yet to discover and block, you can use it to access your favourite sites in school.

Method 2: Using your phone

You can successfully unblock Facebook at school by using your smartphone as a wireless hotspot and then sharing the internet connectivity of your phone with your computer. Your school administrators block you from accessing Facebook on the belief that you will try to access the site using the school internet connectivity. However, if you use a different connectivity, you will easily bypass all the restrictions and access Facebook from anywhere.

  1. If you have a smartphone, go the settings section and select settings that allow your phone to share its Internet connectivity.
  2. You may choose to tether using a USB cable or by wireless connectivity.
  3. Once you adjust the settings of your phone and set a strong password that no one can guess (how to set strong passwords), you can successfully unblock Facebook at school since you will not be using the school Wi-Fi network.

Method 3: the IP address

You can unblock Facebook at school or from anywhere else in the world by using the IP address method. Here is how you can do it.

  1. You need to get to the command prompt mode on your computer. Interestingly, you cannot get to the command prompt when doing it while at school. Therefore, you have to get time when at home to get your computer to the command prompt mode.
  2. Open the terminal program of your computer and type the following, ‘ping’
  3. Copy the Facebook IP address that you will see once the ping run on your computer is complete.
  4. When at school, enter this IP address when you want to access Facebook. If you are lucky, you will easily unblock Facebook by using this method.

However, you need to remember that this IP method only works for those blocking systems which use names and not IP address. Therefore, if your school administrators are using a blocking system that only recognises names and not the IP address, then you can overcome the restrictions by using this method. However, if the blocking system recognises IP addresses, then you may have to use any of the other two methods described above to unblock Facebook successfully at school or anywhere else.