The Trending Mobile VPN Technologies on the Market

Virtual Private Networks have come in and changed the world for the common internet user. They have given people freedom to watch what they want no matter which state, country or location they might be in. For those who live in oppressive regimes which tend to ban some websites such as China and North Korea, VPNs go a long way in ensuring they get all the information they need to get all they want from the Internet.

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However, despite all the praise allocated to Virtual Private Networks. There are still some things that they are not good at. There are obviously going to be a group of VPNs which will be the leaders in the market and those that will not do so well. It appears to this new world we are living in, people want to know which product best to use. This is why we gladly inform people on the best applications to use.

Top 5 Trending Mobile VPN Technologies

So for a list of trending mobile VPN technologies that are good and on the market right now, you have come to the right place.


The Internet Protocol Security VPN is one of the trending ones because of the quality and its motto, have your Internet. It manages to make use of different transport protocols which would then secure the data which is transit between the two systems. After the success of the VPN, the corporate department is then able to download it for their software clients. It accepts the address level port controls for traffic and the broad support across the vendors and various platforms.

However, at the moment the. VPN is not entirely viable for the mobile market as it would require the IP address to remain unchanged at both endpoints. It does not address mobile wireless networking altogether. However, other than that, the IPSecVPN is one of the trending mobile VPN technologies for a reason.


This is one browser-based VPN which is designed to protect the application streams. Which are between the SSL gateway and the remote users. However, unlike the IPSec VPN, SSL will connect users to some certain applications which would be in the trusted network through one web portal. This VPN is ideal for the encryption of online traffic and interaction within the network resources.

The downside is that it does not deal with the frequent network changes and the less consistent connectivity. It however, offers more benefits than the IPSec making its claim as the trending mobile VPN technologies clear.


This is an updated adaptation of the IPSec IKE protocol and can support mobile devices with various IP addresses and those that change. It is used in conjunction with IPSec to keep confidentiality and authenticity of data. This is its claim to the mobile trending VPN application.

However, it does not protect the devices when it is hibernating or when it gets out of range.

Purpose built SSL VPNs

Some generic VPNs which do not perform good user experience and any other weaknesses are addressed by this platform. They are modified to work for the user in the areas that they need. They offer various features and have numerous custom functions such as the kill switch option, website unblocking and the shared IP addresses.

Mobile IP VPNs

These VPNs hide the IP address of the networks while the user is on the move. It is mostly use for conjunction with the IPSec for data authenticity and confidentiality. The pairing of these two helps in various aspects such as encapsulation of data in transit between end points and mobile IP encapsulation. Plus, second layer IPSec encapsulation for the security of security associations and the Home Agent.

Every different mobile VPN technology has its own advantages, but the mentioned are the trending mobile VPN technologies for a reason. Do with that what you will.

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