7 Top Cheap VPNs for the year of 2019-2019

VPNs have different pricing plans. In general, some VPNs charge clients premium prices for their top-notch services. Usually, VPN services that charge clients highly high prices claim that they offer specialized services to the clients. It is hard to prove the extent to which the services of such VPNs are special. However, since some clients believe that the services are special, they do pay for the services. On the other hand, many VPNs charge low prices for their services. Here is a list of some of the top cheap VPNs in the market.

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It is safe to bet that HideMyAss uses its experience in the VPN market to optimize its operations. The company then manages to reduce its overall costs of operation so much that it manages to offer highly competitive prices to its clients. New VPNs find it difficult to adopt this approach to pricing. Therefore, experience and scale are the two most important factors that help HideMyAss to be among the top cheap VPNs currently operating in the market.

Express VPN

As it is the case with HideMyAss, Express VPN has been in operation for a long time. Therefore, the company behind the service uses its experience to develop products that appeal to specific market segments. Currently, Express VPN targets the mass markets with highly competitive prices. For example, for as little as $8 per month, you can use the twelve-month pricing plan of the service. You should note that the service encourages its clients to purchase the six-month of twelve-month plans to enjoy its low prices.


NordVPN is another popular service in the top cheap VPNs currently in operation. On average, NordVPN charges its clients an average monthly fee of about $5 when the clients choose the twelve-month pricing plan. Alternatively, if customers choose the six-month plan, they will have to pay an average price of $7 per month. The one-month plan of the service costs about $12. Therefore, when you compare the pricing plans of NordVPN to those of some of the major VPNs, you will see that NordVPN is relatively cheaper.


VyprVPN is one of the top affordable VPNs currently in operation. VyprVPN has a comprehensive pricing plan that seeks to address the different needs of clients in the mass market segment. In addition to the usual pricing approach of offering customers the three options of one, six and twelve months, the service gives more options. For every pricing plan, clients can choose from three different sub-options: basic, pro and premiere. All these options have different prices and service features.


Like many other common VPNs, PureVPN has three pricing plans: one-month, six-month and twelve-month plans. All these plans carry different prices. For example, if you choose to use the one-month plan, you will have to pay $6.95 for every month. Alternatively, you can pay an average monthly price of about $7 when you choose the six-month plan. For the twelve-month plan, you will pay an average price of about $4.


Apart from the pricing plans, several features make LimeVPN one of the most popular VPNs in the market currently. One, you can pay for the service using a wide range of methods, including Bitcoin. Two, the service has a small number of servers and operates in selected countries.

The small size of the service means that the administrators manage to give clients highly customized services. For example, it is easy to get in direct contact with a client support representative of LimeVPN than it is the case for other major VPNs. Therefore; excellent customer service and overall efficiency are additional factors that make LimeVPN one of the top cheap VPNs.

Simple VPN

Simple VPN is a unique VPN service that has a single pricing plan. For every month that you use the service, you will have to pay $8. This pricing plan reflects the simple approach to service delivery that the company takes. Moreover, you can try the service for a month before you make up your mind on whether or not to buy a full service.


In conclusion, you should remember that all these VPNs are in the top cheap VPNs list because of the average price that they charge per month. In most cases, for you to enjoy the low prices, you will have to purchase the six-month or the twelve-month pricing plans.

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