Top 10 Uses of VPNs

Many people are now resorting to using Virtual Private Networks (VPN). And following the growth in demand for VPN services, we are witnessing many new companies developing new VPN services which they say that they are better than all those already operating in the market. However, to some people, VPNs may sound as highly complicated services used by computer geeks. Interestingly, nothing can be further from the truth. Lets dicuss the top 10 uses of VPNs below:

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10 of the most important uses of VPNs

1. Prevent online tracking

Preventing online tracking is one of the most important uses of VPNs. When you go online, there are millions of websites which attempt to track down your activities. In addition to this, advertisers try to follow all the things that you do when you are online so that they can bombard you with the most appropriate advertisements. However, when you use a VPN, advertisers can neither see you nor track all the things that you are doing while online.

2. Download files from the internet

As much as downloading different types of data from different websites may look like a straightforward affair, this is not usually the case. For example, when you decide to download files in the form of torrents, you have to make sure that the legislation in your country allows you to do so. More so, some ISPs do not let users download torrents when using their services. The good news is that you can overcome all these restrictions by using VPN.

3. Remain anonymous

Many people nowadays are realising that it is imperative to remain anonymous when online. You can use VPNs to remain completely anonymous. Any good VPN service, like HideMyAss Pro, can help you hide your IP address and, by doing so, ensure that no one can trace your real identity and even your physical location by only looking at your online activities. Most importantly, when you hide your identity, you feel free to speak your mind when using online discussion forums.

5. Overcome geographical restrictions on content

There are very many websites that stream content online nowadays. For example, we have websites that stream music, videos and even movies online. The problem is that many of the companies that run online media streaming websites impose restrictions on the areas in which people can access their content. Therefore, when you are in a different geographical location from those in which the companies stream their content, you cannot access it. However, when you use VPN, you can overcome these restrictions and access the content from any corner of the world.

6. Avoid being overcharged when purchasing things online

Many companies charge their clients differently, depending on the location of the customers. Therefore, you may find that some companies have completely different prices for their products for customers in Europe and North America from what they charge their customers in other regions of the world. These companies can successfully charge people differently because they register the actual location of users by checking the IP addresses of the users. However, when you use VPN, you can successfully overcome this problem since the companies will not tell your exact location.

7. Improve your security

When you access the web using a public network, you remain vulnerable to possible hacker attacks. Hackers can break into your system and access all the information that you are sending and receiving while online. To prevent this from happening, you can use a VPN. A VPN protects your activities from possible hacker attacks when you are using a public network.

8. Prevent surveillance

We have governments that are always sniffing what their citizens are doing online. Such governments usually use specialized agencies to spy on their unsuspecting citizens. You may never know if and when your government attempts to spy on you. Therefore, to be on the safe side, you can use a strong enough VPN service like HideMyAss to remain anonymous.

9. Overcome censorship

Overcoming official censorship is one of the most important uses of VPNs. We have governments in specific countries who, in this time and age, take pride in blocking certain websites in their countries. However, you can overcome this issue when you use a VPN since government censorship systems cannot detect you.

10. Get a better gaming experience

You can use a VPN to get a better online gaming experience. For example, you can access all types of games when you use a VPN. In the case of a gaming company restricting its game to a particular region, you can quickly overcome this restriction when you use a VPN.


In conclusion, you can use VPNs to do very many things. The bottom-line is that VPNs give you the freedom to enjoy online content anonymously and securely.

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