The idea behind free web proxies is that they let you do nearly all the things that you can do using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) but unlike a VPN, you do not have to pay to use a free web proxy. Free Web Proxies usually operate in two main ways. In the first way, a well-established company that operates a VPN may also operate the mentioned top 10 free web proxy server. The company may make the use of the servers completely free to users. By doing so, the company may attract the users of its free servers to shift later on to its paid VPN service. On the other hand, a company may operate a free web proxy which is funded by revenue from advertising.

We have reviewed hundreds of free web proxies that are available in the world. In doing so, we have looked at all the technical and aesthetic aspects of the proxies and reached a conclusion that the following web proxies are best. Here is a list of the top 10 free web proxies that are available in the market today.

Top 10 Free Web Proxy


We find that Anonymouse web proxy service is one of the best free web proxy services that are currently available in the market. When you use Anonymouse, you will access the internet at relatively good speeds, browse nearly every site without your identity being revealed and access media content that is controlled by the streaming companies.

However, like many other free web proxies, Anonymouse is funded by revenue from advertising. Therefore, you will have to content with various advertisements as you use the service.

HideMyAss Proxy

HideMyAss is known to provide one of the best virtual private network services in the market. The VPN service of the company is so well known that when you ask some people about what they know about VPN, they will tell you that HideMyAss is the best VPN service provider. We believe that HideMyAss is one of the best VPNs currently in operation.

However, what many people fail to understand is that HideMyAss also runs a very popular free web proxy. The free web proxy of HideMyAss allows you to do a lot of the many things that you can do when you choose to use the actual HideMyAss VPN service. Therefore, you may wonder why you should spend money on the HideMyAss VPN service when you can access the web anonymously using the HideMyAss free web proxy.

The truth of the matter is that HideMyAss has designed the top 10 free web proxy in such a manner that you cannot get all the services that you need by sticking to the free web proxy. At one point, you will find it necessary to move to the paid VPN service to access all the services that you need.


If you are in need of a wide selection of top 10 free web proxy, then you need to visit This company has been in operation for a couple of decades. We think that the long time that they have spent in the business of providing free web proxy services to clients has enabled them to perfect their services. You will find a wide range of services on the site.

For example, you can select a particular free web proxy server that you would like to use. Once you choose the server, you can use it for all the things that a typical VPN service is used for. You can use it to browse the internet while you remain anonymous. You can also use it to access streamed content from anywhere in the world.

However, you should note that advertisements fund Proxy4Free. Therefore, when you are using the servers of the company, you have to content with ads and relatively slow speeds of connection. These are the costs that you have to pay for accessing the service without having to pay for it as it is the case with top 10 VPN providers.


Proxify is another standard free web proxy available in the market. Several things make Proxify one of the top 10 free web proxy. The first one is related to what you will have to spend to access this great service. In practice, you will not have to pay anything for you to use Proxify. All you have to do is get to their website and register. You will then have to choose the right servers that you would like to use.

However, you may pay a small amount of money if you want to access the most advanced features of this service. When you choose to pay the small amount of money, you will access some advanced features that will improve your overall browsing experience. However, if you choose to remain with the free version of the service, you may still browse the internet anonymously and access some blocked content on the internet from anywhere.

In practice, many users of Proxify graduate to a paid VPN service within a very short time. Therefore, Proxify works very well to entice users to move on to the paid VPN service.


SurfaAgain has been in growing in popularity over the recent past. Many college students and even employed individuals have been increasingly using it to browse the internet. We think that the popularity of this free web proxy service is as a result of several factors. First of all, SurfAgain has a very beautiful user interface. When you use the service, you will realize that it is very easy to access all the functionalities that you need.

The second reason as to why many people have been resorting to using SurfAgain whenever they have to use a web proxy is that the service is completely free. When you use SurfAgain, you will not be required to pay even a single cent.

Therefore, many users appreciate the fact that SurfAgain is a truly free web proxy service. We believe that these two factors are the primary reasons as to why many users love SurfAgain.


Freegate is owned and operated by Dynamic Internet Technologies, which is a Chinese company. We must add at this point that Freegate is one of those services by a Chinese company that you would enjoy using. Several reasons make this service be included in our top 10 free web proxies list. First of all, the service is offered in two languages: English and Chinese.

You can select your preferred language when you are downloading the software before installing it on your device. The second reason as to why we find the service attractive is related to its functionality. Freegate operates using Dynaweb, which is a complicated web of servers that are owned and operated by the parent company of the software.

When you download the software and install it into your machine, you will access the internet anonymously and at any given time using one of the many servers of the software.


This free web browser was specifically built for individuals who live in China. Therefore, the features of the service work well for individuals who live behind the Great Firewall. However, there are a few things about this service that we need to make sure that you understand.

The first one is that the service is very easy to install in your device. Once you access the website, you will find it easy to download it and install it into your system. You will then access nearly all internet sites in the world without experiencing the usual restrictions that many internet users in China are faced with.

We also have to add that GTunnel is an entirely free service. Therefore, you do not have to pay anything for you to access and use it.


Your Freedom is another popular free web proxy service that we think could not have missed on our list. One of the best things to note about Your Freedom is that the service works well on any device that you may decide to use.

We have seen free web proxy services which are only compatible with devices running on Windows. However, Your Freedom runs on any device since it is entirely compatible with any operating system that you may decide to use.


BlewPass is one of the best free web proxy services that are available in the market today. In our opinion, this service allows you to access all the basic functionalities of a free web proxy service. When you use it, you will access the internet as an anonymous entity, access all the material which is usually blocked and do all the other things that a free web proxy service lets you do.

We, therefore, think that if you need a basic free web proxy service, then you need to consider using BlewPass.


NewIPNow is another precious free web proxy service. Revenue from advertisements funds the service. However, we do not think that this will be an inconvenience to you given that when you choose the service, you will access all the basic functionalities that you would want to get from any free web proxy.