Top 10 Methods to Stay Anonymous Online

You may find it necessary to stay anonymous online. The problem is that remaining undetected when surfing the web is not as easy as it may sound. However, there are several ways that you can use to stay anonymous online. Here are a few of them. You may go through the list and choose what you believe suits you best.

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How to stay anonymous online

1. VPNs

A VPN is a virtual private network. This is a form of network that you can use to access the internet securely. Many people are using VPNs for various reasons. However, one of the most important uses of a VPN is to let you remain undetected and secure when surfing the web. Any standard and reliable type of VPN service, such as HideMyAss, among others, can let you remain completely anonymous when browsing the internet. The service encrypts your data and hides your IP address quite effectively.

2. Clearing Cookies

Cookies are small types of data that remain on your computer every time you visit websites. Nearly all websites use cookies to help them understand how you behave when you are online. Websites, and companies by extension, learn a lot about your online behaviour by simply studying cookies.

You can make an important step towards remaining anonymous when online by clearing cookies from your computer. However, you need to remember that clearing cookies will not make you completely anonymous but rather reduce the extent to which websites track your online activities.

3. Manage Trackers

You can stay anonymous online when you successfully identify and block web trackers which you do not like. Web trackers are very complicated types of software that work quietly to reveal a lot of information about what you do online.

Advertisers rely on them to give you advertisements which are appropriate to you, basing on your preferences and overall behaviour. Many people are discovering that one of the most important things to do to protect their online security is to manage web trackers. You can also successfully remain anonymous by deactivating all the web trackers that you do not like.

4. Use Encrypted email services

You cannot stay anonymous online if you use the conventional email services that are available. Although the services are relatively secure, you cannot rely on them to help you remain undetected. However, you can remain anonymous by using special emailing services. Special emailing services are encrypted and make sure that no one can detect your internet activities by studying your emailing behaviour.

5. Use extensions to secure your mail

Using extensions to secure your email is closely related to using encrypted email services. However, unlike using encrypted email services, using extensions means that you do not have to change from your popular webmail service. All you have to do is to download and install special extensions. The extensions will protect your mail and help you to remain anonymous when sending and receiving email messages.

6. Using private browsing options

All common web browsers have the private browsing option in their settings. There is nothing new in the manner in which the private browsing option works. When you activate this option in the settings of your browser, you will access the internet as usual, but the browser will not store the history of your activities. Also, when using this settings option, your computer will not store cookies. Although you cannot rely on the incognito settings on your browser to help you remain completely anonymous, you can bet on this option to help you remain private.

7. Run away from social media!

All social media sites store a lot of information about you. Every time you make a post, share a photo or even comment on anything that you see on these sites, you create information which the sites store dutifully. Over the course of time, the social media sites which you use would have collected a lot of information about you.

Sadly, all the information cannot get entirely erased, even if you choose to deactivate your account. Therefore, for you to remain private and completely anonymous online, you do not have an option but to avoid using any social media.

8. Use Disposable Email Addresses

Disposable Email Addresses are temporary email addresses which you can create and use for specific purposes. The beauty of this type of email addresses is that you do not have to keep them for long. Once you use them to fill in specific information when you have to, you can forget about them, hence making sure that spammers do not get you at all.

9. Using a proxy server

Proxy servers help you to remain completely undetected because they hide your real IP address and give you a fake one. When someone attempts to track you down, it becomes impossible for the person to tell your location, let alone your real identity.

10. Get alternative browsers

The standard internet browsers are relatively safe when it comes to security issues. However, if your wish to be completely anonymous online, then you need to consider using special browsers built specifically with your safety needs in mind.


Finally, you can choose any of these methods to help you stay anonymous online. Many factors will determine your choice, the most important one being your understanding of these methods.

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