VPNsGuide is a VPN reviews site. Therefore, we review VPN providers and rank them on a given scale. We use different variables to rank the VPN providers. Keep in mind that our site is not affiliated with any VPN provider; for this reason, the reviews are not biased and offer no recommendations. It is entirely up to you, the visitor to choose the provider you want after reading the reviews.

Our team of analysts uses the following criteria to rank VPN services;

Supported Protocols

VPN protocols ensure tunneling of internet traffic. A VPN service tunnels the web traffic through a secure or encrypted protocol. With that said, there are different VPN protocols providers offer;

  • OpenVPN
  • PPTP
  • SSTP
  • L2TP/IPSec

When rating VPN providers we consider the number of protocols they provide. VPN providers should offer a minimum of three VPN protocols. We rank VPN providers who provide OpenVPN highly as it is the most secure protocol. Do not use a VPN service that does not offer this encryption protocol.

Encryption encodes data into random alphanumeric characters. That way, your internet traffic is protected from eavesdroppers. We rank the VPN services according to the level of encryption. Providers with the strongest level of encryption, 256 bit AES, rate highly as they value the clients’ data.


How fast is the VPN question? That is the customers question we answer by considering speed as a criterion for ranking VPN providers. Speed is critical when accessing the internet. At VPNsGuide we analyse the speed of a VPN connection by performing speed tests. To make sure the tests are comprehensive, we examine the speed on different servers and on different protocols to provide accurate data on the performance of the VPN.


The number of servers a VPN provider offers is the other criterion for ranking. A provider who offers many servers shows that they can protect your data by connecting it to different locations. With such a vendor the customer is sure they will connect to the VPN from a wide range of places and countries without performance issues.

Aside from the number of servers, we examine the performance of all servers in all the different locations. We rank the VPN providers according to their ability to offer quality performance on all their servers.

IP address

Most customers want to connect to a VPN to hide their location from prying eyes. A good VPN provider offers multiple IP addresses to customers. In this criterion, we consider not only the number of IP addresses the provider offers but also whether they offer dynamic IPs or Static IPs.

When no one can trace your IP, your privacy is assured. The dynamic IP is the best option as you IP will keep changing periodically, thus masking your real location. It goes without telling that, a VPN provider with many servers and IP addresses is your best bet at privacy. Thus, we give such vendors a huge rating.

Mobile compatibility

Mobile compatibility is a major factor. Customers want VPN connection even on their mobile phones. Some VPN providers have mobile apps that enable customers to connect to the VPN on their smartphones. We give high ratings to such providers after evaluating the performance of their apps on different mobile operating systems.


People use VPN for many reasons. Some use them for media sharing and torrents while others are online gamers. Some VPNs are designed to perform exceptionally in specific areas. We, therefore, rank VPN providers on their ability to serve an individual purpose well and deliver on their promises.

Customer Support service

We cannot rate services without considering the integrity of the client support division. How fast does customer support respond? Do the customer support agents help clients and do they respond politely? We answer these questions when ranking a provider using this criterion.

Another important aspect here is the number of available channels for seeking assistance. The more there are the better. Contact forms and online chat are the best methods of support nowadays.

Customer reviews

What do current customers and previous customers think about the services offered by the VPN provider? VPNsGuide acknowledges that the best way to judge a product is to get feedback from its clients. Reviews from customers are a good way to know the performance and the kinds of services the provider offers.

That is the rating criteria we use. It is very exhaustive as our mission is to provide our visitors accurate information.