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PureVPN is an old service; it was established back in 2006. Since 2006, the service has concentrated on expanding its network and giving clients very reliable VPN services. Currently, the service is based in Hong Kong and Hong Kong and has servers in more than 120 countries.


  • The company gives numerous discounts to its clients.
  • The service accepts very many payment methods.
  • The company does not keep log details of clients.


  • The customer support service is not available on a 24/7 basis.
  • The service uses only one form of encryption.

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One important feature of PureVPN is that you can connect five different devices on the network using your account. So, you can use the service on your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer simultaneously.

Also, you can you can share files with your contacts when using the service. However, PureVPN is yet to avail this service on all its servers. The service is currently limited to specific servers in specific countries.


All the three payment plans of PureVPN have unique characteristics.

If you choose the 1-month payment plan, you can connect up to 5 devices using your account as well as switch to different servers when using the service. The 1-month plan costs $9.95, which is roughly what many other VPN service providers charge their clients.

The 6-month plan will cost you $7.49 per month. However, if you choose to pay for the 6 months in bulk, you will pay $44.95 for every six months.

The 12-month payment plan costs $4.95 for every month or $49.95 for the entire period of 12 months.


PureVPN has more than 500 servers. The servers are in different countries in the world. Because the company has very many servers in different parts of the world, it manages to serve clients better regarding providing reliable services. We tested the upload and download speed of the service and found that the service compared favorably with its peers.

When you sign up for the service, you get an entirely new IP address. Furthermore, you experience good connectivity speeds because PureVPN routes your traffic through the servers nearest to you.


PureVPN uses several protocols to encrypt client traffic. One of the protocols that it uses is PPTP. PPTP is a common encryption protocol. Many different VPN companies prefer it to the other encryption protocols such as SSTP and L2TP. Interestingly, PureVPN uses all these types of encryption keys.

Web App

PureVPN has apps for Android and iOS devices. You can use the web app to change your settings. For example, you can change your preferred server location on your mobile devices using the app.

The PureVPN main website is also an important source of useful information. You can learn a few tricks on how to use the service more productively by visiting the site.


PureVPN is compatible with nearly all the major operating software platforms. Regardless of your type of device, you can access the settings of this VPN service, configure your device to the settings and enjoy the service.

Payment Options

One interesting thing about PureVPN is that you can use Bitcoin to purchase your plan. Bitcoin is one of the many payment methods that the company accepts. You can also pay for the service using the traditional methods of credit cards, PayPal, gift cards and others.

We also found that the process of paying for your PureVPN service is fast, secure and flawless.

Customer Support

Like any other VPN service, PureVPN outsources its customer support function. However, the customer service team that handles the customer service function of the company is very competent. You can access the team most of the time.

However, expect some delays when you want the team to handle an issue that is complicated. You can chat with a representative, or you may send an e-mail to the team. Regardless of the method that you choose to contact the team, the team will respond within the shortest time possible.

PureVPN is an above-average VPN service. The company has regularly been updating its technical capabilities and improving its services. You can count on PureVPN for all your VPN needs.

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