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HideMyAss is one of the oldest VPN services in the market. Many users believe that for all the years that HideMyAss has been on the market, the service has managed to win a reputation for reliability. In this HideMyAss review, we look at some of the most important things about this VPN service concerning its features, pricing plans and others.


  • It is very easy to sign up and install the software on your device.
  • You can choose where preferred location from a list of hundreds of different locations in the world.
  • They are very reliable as a result of the long time that they have spent in the business


  • The service is not perfect concerning overall stability and performance.
  • In the UK, the company keeps logs of the activities of customers, and it can hand them over to the law enforcement authorities.

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HideMyAss provides the typical VPN services. You can use the service to browse the web anonymously, access geo-restricted content and bypass any form of internet censorship.

You only need to pay for the service and supply them with your email address for you to get started. They will then send you links which you can use to download specific software to get you started. Since you can connect up to two devices to the service at the same time, you get value for your money when you use the service.


There are three pricing plans. For the first plan, you pay $9.99 for one month. For the second plan, you pay $59.88 for a 12-month period. This is about $4.99 per month. For the third plan, you pay $41.94 and get the services for six months. This amount of money translates to about $6.99 per month.

Compared to similar VPN services, the prices of HideMyAss are fair. Given its reputation and level of performance, you will not get any other highly reliable VPN service that has a fair price policy like HideMyAss.


HideMyAss uses three types of encryption: L2TP, LLTP and Open VPN. The LLTP protocol is very common. The other two, L2TP and Open VPN are relatively new. In particular, L2TP is a recent development.

All these three encryption protocols are highly effective. HideMyAss servers use them to encrypt your data for security reasons. By encrypting your data, the service ensures that your data is safe, and that unauthorized persons cannot access it.


The number and distribution of servers is a very clear indicator of the performance of a VPN service. Services that have very many servers spread in different parts of the world offer their clients very good services. HideMyAss has over 850 servers spread in more than 300 locations in about 200 countries in the world. Therefore, the service has a very strong presence in all the regions of the world.


HideMyAss is highly compatible with all common operating systems. You can install the service on any device that you wish to use. Also, the VPN software is compatible with all the recent versions of Windows operating system.

Payment Options

You can pay for the service using PayPal, your credit card or any of the various methods that the company accepts. You can get the list of acceptable payment methods at the bottom of the website of the service.

Web App

HideMyAss has very functional apps for Android and iOS devices. If you are using an Android device, you can download the app from the Google Play Store. You can also download the app from the Apple Store. Regardless of the device, you can download and install the app very fast.

The app has a very simply and sleek design. You can use it to do most of the important things, for example, changing your location.

Customer Support

HideMyAss has a very responsive customer support team. You can get help at any time of the day or night. To this end, the service is exceptional since, in many cases, you will get that the customer support staff do not even understand the basic things about a particular service. In this case, the HideMyAss has a very good customer support service.

Use HideMyAss because many people who use it say that it is reliable and effective. It may not give you the perfect results that you are looking for, but it will let you get the basic services you would expect from one of the best VPN services in the market.

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