Download Torrents Anonymously – 5 Easy Methods

If you are a regular user of Bit Torrent, you must know that you need to hide your identity to keep on using the service. Although the need to hide your identity is not a requirement, you may find it necessary to remain anonymous because there are many groups and organisations which claim to work against piracy that is out to prevent people from using Bit Torrent. Here is a list of some of the methods you can use to download torrents anonymously and keep away from anti-piracy groups as well as ordinary cybercriminals.

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Methods to Download Torrents Anonymously


People use VPN for various reasons, the most common ones being to hide their identity and access media content from anywhere in the world. You may find it necessary to use a good VPN service to help you remain anonymous and download your torrents in peace. The ability of VPN to mask your IP address is one of the most important characteristics that make VPN very popular. Many people find it necessary to hide their real identities and browse the internet anonymously. When you are anonymous online, you easily avoid hackers and other individuals who may be attempting to spy on you.

There are very many VPN services in the market. When you choose to use a VPN to hide your identity so that you may download torrents without interruption. You may find it necessary to consider how the VPNs perform in terms of speed and security. A good VPN such as HideMyAss VPN uses advanced security features to encrypt your data and allows you to access the internet at high speeds. You may have to take these factors into consideration when choosing which VPN to use to help you download torrents anonymously.

Torrent Privacy

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Torrent Reactor is the company which owns and operates torrent privacy. Torrent Privacy is another good way to anonymous your BitTorrenting activities. There is nothing complicated in the manner in which the service works. When you sign up, you will get access to a special type of uTorrent account. You do not have to worry about the settings since the Torrent Reactor team does everything for you.

But note one important thing when using torrent privacy: the service only works on Windows platform. You cannot use torrent privacy on other platforms such as Linux or iOS. However, if you are using Windows, you will find that the process of installing and even using the service is very fast and reliable.


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Many Bit Torrent users are finding it necessary to use Seedbox to download files fast and anonymously. A seedbox is a special type of server dedicated to helping you download torrents anonymously and very fast. One advantage of using seedbox is that you will experience very high download speeds. When you use a proxy service, on the other hand, you may realise that your speeds dip when you download heavy files. Therefore, you ought to try using Seedbox to download your files fast and ensure that your IP address is not shared with everyone else on the network.


Credit: Anomos

Anomos is a special system that lets you download torrents anonymously at average speeds. It is a complex security protocol which is characterised by an end-to-end type of encryption. It has its origins in the manner in which Bit Torrent users behave, which encourages collaboration, above everything else.

You can use it on several platforms. The system hides your IP address and encrypts all the data which you send and receive when downloading your torrents. Therefore, when you use it, you do not have to worry about someone sniffing you out. However, many people complain that it needs to be improved to match the ever emerging needs and desires of Bit Torrent users. Furthermore, Anomos offers you average download speeds. Therefore, you cannot compare it with Seedbox regarding download speeds.


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BTGuard is a special type of proxy service which allows you to access sites anonymously. One good thing about BTGuard is that you can use it on nearly any type of device. The proxy service runs on Windows, Linux, and even iOS. Therefore, you should consider using BTGuard to help you download torrents anonymously.


You can use any of these methods to download torrents anonymously. The good thing about these methods is that you will not have to part with a lot of money when using them. In fact, you can use some of them entirely for free.

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