How to Create Strong Passwords: Important Tips

You understand the importance of passwords in the current time. Most likely, you must be having accounts in tens of different sites. In all these sites, you need to keep your login details at all times. Because of the pressure to remember your log in details, you may find it convenient to use one or two passwords simply for nearly all your online accounts.

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Duplicating your password may be the beginning of your problems. If this is what you do, the chances are that hackers can find it easy to access all your accounts and steal all your information. The risk of losing your online identity details as well as other forms of information is real if you do not manage your passwords correctly.

Tips to Create Strong Passwords

Here is a brief outline of important tips that you can use to help you create very strong passwords for your online accounts.

Use of password managers to create strong passwords

You can use password managers to help you manage all your login details for the different accounts that you maintain. There is nothing new about how password managers work. All password managers help to keep all your details for all your accounts.

However, there is a catch. If you are using a password manager, you need to remember the primary password which lets you access all the other passwords that you store on the manager. You can see that regardless of the approach that you use, you cannot run away from the need to create a strong password for your accounts.

Be creative

There is no rule in this world which states that your password must be a meaningful word. It is interesting that all speakers of the English language usually create their passwords in English. People have this tendency of creating passwords in the form of words that make sense in their languages. However, this is not supposed to be the case at all times.

I know that you will argue that using a sensible word in your language helps you to remember your password very easily. But then you can come up with an entirely nonsensical word and use it as your password. The point is that the more creative you are, the stronger your password can be.

Use a combination of numbers and letters

Speaking of creativity when you have to create strong passwords, always remember to combine different types of characters in your password. It will be better for you to use letters as well as numbers when creating your password. Also, you may use other characters as part of your password.

When you use lower case and upper case letters, you make your password stronger. Similarly, when you use numbers and letters, you make it difficult for anyone to guess your password and access your information without your permission.

Longer is always better

The longer the password, the stronger it is. This phrase may sound as altruism to many people. You should always seek to create a long password. Avoid those standard 8-character passwords because they are not very strong when compared to passwords with more characters.

The good news is that many websites nowadays ask their users to create passwords that are 12-character long. Always try to create long passwords to increase your personal security.

Always create passwords that you can remember

The ease of which you can remember your password is what makes you feel secure. If you create a complicated 16-character master password and then you fail to remember it after two months, you will be in trouble. You need to create long and complex passwords but still make sure that you can remember them easily!

One of the ways that you can use to create the unique passwords but still remember them is to use acronyms. You may remember a long sentence, for example. The sentence may be in the form of an answer to an important question, or it may describe something very important in your life. Take this sentence for example,

“My name is Kevin Booth, and I am a 28-year old professional nurse working in Sydney Australia.”

If we choose to use the first letters of all the words that make up the sentence, we get this: MniKBaIaa28yopnwiSA.

You can see how complicated our password is and how easy it is for you to remember it!


In conclusion, we do not have rules to help you create strong passwords. However, you can use these tips to help you create very complicated yet easy to remember passwords. If you do this, you will find it easy to maintain your confidential information.

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