How to Change IP Address to any Country

Your IP address is a unique address consisting of numbers and dots that helps authorities to identify who you are and your exact location. At any given time, your IP address is unique. Therefore, not any other person can have an IP address that is similar to yours. Interestingly, you may have to change your IP address at some time. The following are some of the reasons as to why you may need to change IP address.

Credit: Eric Fischer / Flickr

Why you may have to change IP address

To bypass internet censorship

If you live in countries in which regimes are keen on controlling internet users, you may find it necessary to overcome the obstacles that such regimes put in place. The easiest way of defeating internet censorship is by changing your IP address so that servers indicate that you are located in an entirely different country from your actual location. When you change IP address to any country, you can overcome all manner of internet censorship activities with ease.

Access geo-restricted content

Usually, companies that stream entertainment content limit their content to specific geographical areas. As much as this may sound like a good thing to do, it may be an inconvenience to you. Imagine what would happen if you happen to travel to a different region in which these companies do not stream their content. It means that you will not access the content simply because you are in a different area. However, you can overcome this restriction by changing your IP address to show that you are in a country in which these companies stream their content. When you do this, you will access the content without any problem.

Protect your online security

Nowadays, many people are concerned with their online security. When you are online, you may become vulnerable to hackers and other types of cyber criminals. The best way to protect yourself is to mask your IP address so that criminals cannot get your real identity.

Ways of changing your IP address to any country

There are several ways you can use to change your IP address to any country. Here is a brief discussion of some of those ways which you can use.

Using a VPN

You can use a virtual private network to change IP address completely. A VPN works in a very complicated manner. First of all, it takes all your data and encrypts it before sending it over the internet in an entirely secure manner. The level of security and encryption involved when using a VPN service means that authorities, spies and even cyber criminals cannot access your data at all. The only way that a third party can access your data is by accessing the servers of the VPN service, which, by all accounts, is a tall order.

There are very many VPN services that are available in the market. One common VPN service is HideMyAss Pro VPN. HideMyAss has been in the VPN business for a very long time. Therefore, many people regard HideMyAss as one of the top VPN services in the industry. You can use it to change your IP address to any country and enjoy the freedom that comes with complete online anonymity.

Smart DNS

Smart DNS is a complex type of service that lets you change your IP address at any given time. Compared to VPN, Smart DNS is less complex and secure. Whereas your VPN service provider secures all your data by encrypting it using some of the most advanced encryption systems, your smart DNS provider does not encrypt your data. Therefore, very advanced surveillance systems can simply crack your real identity when you choose to hide behind Smart DNS services.

However, smart DNS is faster that DNS concerning accessing the website. Therefore, if your desire is only to change your address so that you can access some blocked sites, you are better off using a smart DNS.


If you choose to use Tor to change IP address to any country, then you have to download the special Tor browser and follow the specific instructions that the service will give you. Tor is a relatively reliable and easy way to change your IP address to any country and ensure that you remain completely anonymous.

You can use any of these methods to change your IP address effectively to any country and surf the web as an unknown entity, access blocked content and protect your online security.