Find Out the Top Methods to Bypass MLB.TV Blackout

Fans of the Major League Baseball have been a frustrated lot after discovering that they cannot watch all live MLB games on their MLB.TV. MLB.TV promises fans that at a monthly subscription fee of $25 or annual subscription fees of $ 120, the fans will have access to all out-of-market games. However, fans cannot watch all the games as promises.

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Because of living blackout restrictions, fans who subscribe to are must spend extra money by subscribing to satellite or cable television networks.

However, you can overcome the live blackout restrictions and watch all the MLB games on your MLB.TV. Here is how you can do it.

Why live blackout occurs

The live blackout of games occurs because of the manner in which MLB manages the companies which show games. Before the start of the league season, MLB gets into multiple agreements with several TV companies to air the games. The massive size of the market and the intense completion that exists among the TV companies means that MLB has to develop a formula that helps it to make the market even.

One of the things that MLB does is to divide the games of the league regarding regions. Every region is allocated to a specific TV company. The end result of this process is that the market ends up getting completely fragmented in such a manner that all the games of specific teams in a specific venue are controlled by specific TV companies.

In so doing, MLB gives up the right to even stream some of these local games. Therefore, when you subscribe to, you cannot be assured that you will watch all the games of the league. MLB.Tv, like any other company in the world, fears to infringe on the copyright of the TV companies that it does business with.

How to bypass MLB.TV blackout in a web browser

You do not have to use magic to bypass live blackouts and watch all your favourite MLB games on MLB.TV. What you need is a subscription to a VPN service and you will be able to watch all your games.

How does a VPN help you to bypass MLB.TV blackout?

A VPN helps you to bypass live blackout on MLB.TV because it changes your IP address and tricks the servers of MLB to believe that you are in a different location from your actual one. Blackouts are effective because servers can detect your real identity and location by analysing your IP address. Therefore, in theory, if you can change your IP address or, better still, stay anonymous online, servers cannot tell who you are or where you are. Therefore, you can easily access any server in any country when you manipulate your IP address.

VPNs do this trick for you very well. Any standard VPN service, such as HMA Pro, helps you to access any server in the world because it encrypts all the data that you send and receive. Furthermore, the VPN can help you change your IP address to any country. Thus, allowing you to do so many other things rather than only accessing live MLB games.

In order to bypass MLB.TV blackout on some live games and watch all the games that you want, you need to have the following things in place.

  1. You need to choose a VPN service that suits your needs. There are very many VPN service providers in the market. When you have to choose a service provider to work with, you have to take into consideration parts such as the length of time for which the service has been in operation and what its users say about it.
  2. Once you choose a service, you have to subscribe to a monthly, tri-monthly of even yearly plan. The amount of money that many service providers charge varies considerably. And design to encourage you to take the yearly subscription plan.
  3. You have to configure your device to allow the VPN to take effect. Once you configure your device properly, you will have to refresh our web pages. Plus, clear all the cookies for you to access the live games of the MLB league.

You can employ a VPN service to overcome all the restrictions that MLB.TV places on the games that it streams to its clients. Interestingly, you can use a VPN service to access even those games that MLB.TV does not stream in the entire country as well.

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