Best Free Anonymous Proxy Servers

Anonymous proxy servers let you access different sites on the internet. They also let you successfully bypass any form of internet censorship since they hide your IP address and let you send and receive data over the internet in an entirely secure manner.

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There are many types of free anonymous proxy servers in the market. The following is a guide on how you can get the best anonymous proxy server and the things to look out for when looking for one.

Why you need anonymous proxy servers

There are several reasons as to why you may have to use anonymous proxy servers.

  1. The need to remain anonymous

Currently, many people increasingly prefer to surf the internet as completely anonymous entities. When you surf the internet as an anonymous entity, no one can detect your online activities. The proxy server that you use when you choose to be anonymous when online hides your actual IP address.

  1. The need to protect online security

Your online security matters a lot to you. In the current age, cyber criminals are increasingly looking for soft targets whom they can easily attack and steal personal data.

You never know when you can become a target. For example, if you are fond of using public Wi-Fi networks, then you constantly expose yourself to cybercriminals. That is why you need to ensure that you only use public Wi-Fi networks which are very strong and secure.

You can greatly improve your level of online security by using a proxy server which may encrypt your data and make the data inaccessible to any other person.

  1. To access blocked or restricted content

Many companies that stream media content online restrict the areas in which they stream their content. For example, Netflix, the popular video streaming site, does not stream in some countries in the world.

If you need to access such content that is geo-restricted, you have to use a proxy server. A good proxy server will contact a restricted website on your behalf so that the servers of the website cannot detect you. This way, you can unblock content from any site and from anywhere in the world.

Some of the best free anonymous proxy servers

Here is a description of some of the best free anonymous proxy servers which you can use to browse the internet anonymously. Access blocked content and increase your overall level of online security.


Tor is one of the most trusted proxy servers in the market. One of the reasons as to why this service is very popular is that it gives users very high connectivity speeds. Therefore, when you use Tor, you can comfortably stream videos and other forms of online media content that need very high internet connectivity speeds.

You can access the Tor network very easily. The set up process is very simple and brief. Once you get all the settings right, you can use the service to hide your IP address or even change it repeatedly. When you keep on changing your IP address, you effectively avoid detection by spies. Even government agencies which may be interested in censoring internet use in some countries.


This is another very common anonymous proxy server in the market. The service is run by a Japanese university named, University of Tsukuba.

One interesting thing about Packetix.NET is that unlike many proxy servers, it does not use the open VPN systems. Rather, the service uses a specially-developed system. Therefore, you can be assured of experiencing very good speeds and other features if you choose to use the service.

One thing about Packetix.NET that you need to note is that they administrators require you to sign an agreement. Indicating that you understand that they can keep logs of all your online activities.


This is a common free anonymous server service which offers users’ very good connectivity speeds. Besides, the service offers users unlimited bandwidth. When you choose to use JonDo, you will have to download the special internet browser.

JonDo is reliable in terms of speed and reputation, having been in this business for a considerably long length of time.


These are some of the best free anonymous proxy servers. You can use them to hide or change your IP address as a way of becoming anonymous when online, avoiding censorship or accessing blocked content.

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