Hello, and welcome to VPNsGuide. VPNsGuide is a source of information about the best, affordable and user-friendly VPN services providers have to offer. We avail this information to you after a comprehensive research on the Internet; we leave no stone unturned. We have an exhaustive and unbiased review criterion to ensure we provide you with accurate information and data about VPN service offered by different companies. Our site is not sponsored, so we do not promote VPN product from a particular provider or gain any monetary profit by recommending VPN products. Also, on our website, you will find detailed “How To” blogs on various products relating to VPNs and Online Security.

What Drives Us?

Our primary mission is to provide accurate information about VPN services. Unlike most review sites, VPNsGuide focuses on you, the visitor, rather than the VPN providers. We want you to be knowledgeable in all things VPN. To accomplish that, our team of experts research VPN services offered and provide flawless reviews after extensive examination and analysis of the VPN services. Our content is easy to read and does not need tech geeks to understand.

As we create the content on our site, we uphold impartiality by providing you with neutral reviews. Our goal is not to recommend products to you but let you make non-coerced decisions about the products you want after reading accurate information about the products. Typically, this kind of approach is the most accepted, not only in the VPN community but also in the review of other products and services.

Online privacy and security is no longer a thing for computer geeks and large corporations. Through Virtual Private Networks, anyone can access the internet via a secure network and bypass the ever increasing Internet Censorship by governments. Information on our website and blog is up-to-date, and we also offer up-to-date news about VPNs and Online Security products.

VPNSGuide has all the latest information about VPN vendors. All VPN products come at a cost, with only a few requiring no dime from your wallet. We understand not all visitors to our page are at an excellent financial status. With that in mind, we provide free accounts, coupons, and vouchers from VPN providers when such offers are available. However, we are not liable and do not take responsibility for such products and losses incurred in using them. Such products belong to the specific vendors, meaning you should carefully read their terms and conditions.

VPNsGuide Rating Structure

VPNsGuide is one of the fastest growing VPN and Online Security advisory forums. After a thorough research and analysis of a VPN product, we provide a rating in the detailed review. The criteria for ranking VPN products are involving and take us time before we can provide the final publication. We completely scrutinize each VPN provider and look into all aspects relating to their methods of providing VPN services. The following are the key factors we analyze to provide the services rankings;

  • Speed
  • Software
  • Support protocols
  • Pricing
  • Customer service
  • Special provisions

All VPN providers are ranked on a scale of 1-10, with 10 representing quality VPN services. We also consider factors such as device compatibility and international coverage to help give visitors a clearer picture of the provider and get the VPN that will match their needs.

More Information

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