How to Watch Sky Sport outside UK: Important TIPs

Sky sport streams football-related content in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Through its different divisions, the channel provides consumers with a broad range of soccer-related programs. Given its history, the company is now an authority on the EPL as well as other major soccer leagues in countries across the world. You cannot easily stream Sky Sport if you are outside the United Kingdom. You have to use specific methods to get around the geo-restrictions that Sky PLC places on the content. So, you can easily watch Sky Sport outside UK easily.

Watch Sky Sport outside UK


3 Methods to Watch Sky Sport Outside UK

Here are some of the methods that you can use:

Method One: Using a Smart DNS service

A Smart DNS helps you to bypass geo-restrictions because it conceals your real IP address. Smart DNS services have very many servers in different locations around the world. When you subscribe to a Smart DNS service, you get a different IP address. You can then use the address to unlock the content of any website in the world. This is, by far, the easiest way of accessing content that the streaming companies limit to specific regions.

As much as you can successfully use a Smart DNS to watch Sky Sport outside the UK, there are certain shortcomings you will have to bear with, for example, a Smart DNS does not give you adequate security. You may need to be completely anonymous when you are browsing the web using a Smart DNS service. However, due to the manner in which Smart DNS services work, you cannot be completely anonymous. The lack of anonymity means that you can be completely secure when you use a Smart DNS in general.

It is based on the disadvantages that you meet when you use a Smart DNS service to watch Sky Sport outside UK that we recommend the second method.

Method Two: using a VPN

A VPN is a special type of network that helps users to access the internet as completely anonymous persons. A VPN service is a combination of several computers and servers. The computers can communicate with each other through special tunnels. Furthermore, the data that computers send when they are part of a VPN service is usual encrypted. Thus, when you use a VPN service, other persons cannot detect your activities on the internet.

You can use a VPN service to watch Sky Sport outside UK successfully. The first thing that you need to do is to subscribe to a specific pricing plan of one of the services in the market. Once you have an active subscription, you will have to configure your devices to the service. The process of setting up the service on your devices should be very easy. Besides, you can always get help from the administrator of your service.

Once you go through this process, you will be ready to Sky Sport outside the UK. The VPN service encrypts your data and sends it via secure tunnels. Furthermore, you will have to choose the UK as your preferred location. When you choose to use the servers in the UK, you will have an UK IP address that shows that you are in the UK, regardless of your true location. This way, you will be able to access all the content that websites in the UK restrict to their clients.

Some of the VPN service that you can use

There are very many VPN services that you can use to watch Sky Sport outside the UK. However, you need to consider a lot of things when choosing a service. Carefully evaluating the performance and pricing the different VPNs that are in the market will help you choose a service that suits your needs.

One of the most common VPN services that are used to watch Sky Sport outside the UK is Express VPN. Express VPN has more than 16,000 IP addresses as well as many servers in countries across the world. Therefore, the service offers clients a very good performance regarding access to content and connectivity speed.

Therefore, you can sign up for an account with Express VPN service and use the service to access geo-restricted content. You can also use multiple devices on your account.


In conclusion, a VPN service is the best method you can use to watch Sky Sport outside UK. A good VPN service will not only make you completely anonymous online but also secure your data from any other person. Besides, you can stream content at relatively high speeds when you are using a VPN service.

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