Unblock Netflix Outside US: How to Do It

Here is a simple guide on how you can successfully unblock Netflix outside US. By using any of the methods in this guide, you can access all the content which Netflix streams to its clients within the United States but blocks all other clients who are not located in the United States.

unblock Netflix outside US

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Why you need to unblock Netflix

You may need to unblock the content that Netflix streams when you travel out of the United States. When you are out of the United States, you will not access all the content that Netflix streams to its clients who are in the country. Therefore, if you happen to travel out of US, you will not access your popular shows.

There are times when you may travel to a country where Netflix does not stream at all. In such a case, you will have to unblock the service in order to enjoy your favourite shows, movies and others.

How Netflix blocks you

Netflix ca successfully blocks you from accessing its media content because it gets your IP address. Your IP address identifies your exact location at any given time. The servers of Netflix can detect your IP address and tell your country of location. They then check your location against their database to determine whether they are allow to stream to your particular country. If the servers are not permitted to stream to your country of location, they deny you access. That is when you get the message telling you that Netflix is not available in your country.

Any method that successfully helps you to hide your IP address or even get a completely different address can help you to unblock Netflix from anywhere in the world.

Methods to Unblock Netflix Outside US

The following are some of the most effective methods you can use to access al the content that Netflix streams to its clients:

Using VPN

You can use VPN for a variety of purposes.  The basis of all the different uses of VPN is in the manner in which the service encrypts your data and makes you completely anonymous. When you use a VPN when accessing any website in the world, no one will identify your VPN. Besides, all the traffic that you send using a VPN service is secure and no one can break into your online accounts. Therefore, far from helping you to watch all your stuff on Netflix, a VPN improves your online security.

There is nothing technical about using VPN to unblock Netflix outside US. One of the things you need to have in place is access to the service. With so many VPN services available, you may have to consider choosing the service that suits your budget as well as your specific needs in terms of reliability and speed. One of the best VPN services available in the market is HideMyAss Pro VPN. The service has developed sound reputation among many users of VPN services.

Using Proxy Servers

You can successfully unblock Netflix outside US by using proxy servers. Proxy servers are special types of servers which re-route your traffic to help you access geo-restricted websites. Therefore, if, for example, you are in Asia yet you wish to access Netflix as if you are living in the United States, the proxy server changes your IP address to a different one which indicates that you are in the United States.

It is the proxy server that is in the United States that contacts the Netflix servers on your behalf. Therefore, the Netflix servers will not detect your real identity and location since they will only be dealing with the proxy server.

There are two main types of servers: those that charge you and those that you can use for free. Free proxy servers rely on advertisements for funding. In most cases, well-established companies which run VPN services may run proxy servers as on the side. The idea is to lure users over the course of time into using their VPN services.

Paid proxy servers are better than the free ones. However, some paid proxy servers still have advertisements. Therefore, when you use paid proxy servers to unblock Netflix outside US, you may have to turn your ad blocker on.


These are the two main methods you can use to unblock Netflix outside us. Whether you use VPN or proxy server, you can comfortably access all your media content on Netflix even when you are outside the United States.

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