5 Simple Tips on How to Torrent Safely

Your ISP will send you a notice every time the servers realise that you are torrenting. In some countries, authorities do not allow torrenting because the laws of the country consider torrenting as a violation of copyright laws. However, you can torrent safely from any place in this world.

torrent safely

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How to Torrent Safely – 5 Tips

Here are some of the tips you can use to stay safe when torrenting.

Use the most appropriate VPN service

The VPN service that you use largely determines your torrenting experience. Some VPN services do not allow their clients to torrent. However, many other services allow users to torrent. For example, Hide My Ass and Express VPN, among others, allow users to torrent. In fact, these VPN services have special servers that help clients to access their bit torrents perfectly.

Besides, the most appropriate VPN services for torrenting are those that do not keep logs. Since some services keep logs, you need to be careful when choosing which service to use when torrenting.

Remember that apart from helping you to access your torrents faster; a VPN helps you in so many other ways. For example, it lets you torrent in a safer environment. Since a VPN service changes your IP address and traffic; nobody else can detect your online activity. Therefore, you can use the service to torrent more safely.

Follow the Seeders!

Seeders usually indicate several things. The first one is that there are very many people who are downloading the specific torrent. The second one is that the file is most likely safe from any malware. The third one is that it is easy to download the file.

In practice, always go for torrents that have a high level of seeders. Although a high number of seeders are not a guarantee for the safety and usefulness of a torrent, it is better to consider the seeders. This will help you to download files that are more likely safe and easy to use.

Avoid ISP bandwidth limitations

ISPs continuously monitor how their customers are using bandwidth. They can detect when you are torrenting or playing a game online based on the amount of data that you consume. Because of the need to maintain efficient services for all their customers, ISPs usually limit the bandwidth for heavy users.

You may find that at times, you cannot complete downloading a torrent because the speed dips suddenly. For you to overcome this type of limitation, you can use a top VPN service. A VPN helps you to overcome the restrictions that ISPs place on bandwidth usage. This will help you to torrent fast and normally.

Protect your device

Hacker, spammers and other types of cyber criminals operate in torrenting sites. In fact, many people end up with infected devices after downloading specific torrents. This is what usually happens. Cyber criminals manage to infect some torrents with specific types of malware programs. When you download the torrent to your computer, you end up introducing malware to your device.

Therefore, make sure that you have an active antivirus program on your device at all times. The program will protect you against worms and Trojans attached on some torrents. Nowadays, many standard antivirus programs can detect all hidden malware programs in a file and prevent the programs from accessing your system. Therefore, for you to torrent safely, make sure that your device is well protected.

In addition to having an active antivirus program running on your device, you can use special types of antimalware programs. For example, you may use a good antispyware program to improve the overall level of your privacy and security. You may also use any standard anti-keyloggers program to protect you against keyloggers.

Always remember that these additional anti-malware programs will work best when you already have a good antivirus on your device. Although some programs may not work well with specific antivirus programs, this is a rare thing. You can always check compatibility issues before using additional antimalware tools.

Avoid suspicious torrents

Although it is hard to tell a potentially dangerous torrent accurately, you can always use general guidelines to avoid such torrents. For example, many software files which automatically install in your system are dangerous. Therefore, it is better to avoid downloading software programs than taking your chances.


In conclusion, you can torrent safely if you follow these tips. Remember to protect your device from common forms of malware. Also, when torrenting, avoid suspicious files and go for files that have high seeders.

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