Find Out The Top 5 Privacy Tools for 2017

You need to protect your online privacy at all times. Hackers and other cybercriminals are always hunting for potential clients. For you to maintain your privacy, you need to use different types of tools. Here is a list of some of the best privacy tools you can use.

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Top 5 Privacy Tools

Let’s get begin with the list of top 5 privacy tools which you can use in 2017:

Tool 1: Eraser

Eraser helps you to completely remove files from your computer. It is possible to access files from your hard disk even after you have deleted them. Deleting files removes them from your view and access; however, using simple data recovery software programs, someone can restore all the data on your hard drive.

For you to be private, you may have to delete some files from your computer. Now that the conventional process of deleting files does not entirely erase the files from your hard disk, you need to use a different approach. Eraser, which is free, can help you remove files from your hard disk completely. This will make it impossible for third parties to access your files later on.

Tool 2: uBlock

uBlock is an ad-blocking software program. Some advertisers will attempt to flood you with completely irrelevant advertisements. Apart from wasting your time, irrelevant advertisements pose a danger to your privacy and security. Some advertisements may carry malware which may destroy your computer. Also, some advertisers may spy on you to monitor your online behaviour.

Therefore, you need to protect yourself from irrelevant advertisements. You can install uBlock on your device to protect your system from malware-carrying advertisements and safeguard your browsing experience.

Tool 3: Orbot

Orbot is one of the most common secure web browsers. The web browser is built for use on Android devices. You can use Orbot to hide your real location and identity. This is because the tool is integrated to the Tor network. Therefore, you can secure your online activities such as updating your social network pages by using this tool.

You will find that this is one of the most trusted ways of improving yours social media security. Although using the in-built security features on your different social media platforms may help to improve your security and privacy, it may not be fully effective. You may have to use this tool to secure your activities on social media.

Tool 4: LastPass

LastPass is a common password manager. Password managers help you to effectively manage your passwords. They generate highly complicated passwords for your different sites and maintain them for you. You only have to use a single master password to access your trove of passwords.

Unlike most password managers, LastPass is free. You can use it to manage all your passwords and avoid the potential harmful practice of duplicating passwords for different online accounts.

Tool 5: Tor Web Browser

Tor is a completely secure web browser. It encrypts your traffic and makes it impossible for anyone to detect your online activities. Since the web browser uses detailed processes to encrypt your traffic and channel it over the internet, its connectivity speeds are lower than those of standard web browsers.

You may not have to use Tor at all times. However, when you need to browse the internet as a completely anonymous entity, this tool will be very useful to you. Also, the fact that millions of users are using it means that it is trusted.


There are many other privacy tools you can use to secure your privacy when online. However, these are the most common ones. Use any of these tools to maintain your online privacy and improve the level of your overall security in 2017.

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