5 “Smart” but Stupid Gadgets for Privacy

We expect “smart” to include privacy. We expect all our smart devices to protect our personal privacy. However, this is not the case. Not all the devices that carry the “smart” tag are good for our privacy. In fact, some of these devices score so poorly regarding privacy issues that we describe them as completely stupid gadgets for privacy. The problem is that hackers can access these devices. Therefore, using these devices exposes you to all types of cyber attacks.

Stupid Gadgets for Privacy

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List of 5 Stupid Gadgets for Privacy

Here is a list of 5 stupid gadgets for privacy.

Smart TV

The Smart TV lets you access all the content that you want because it is connected to your internet. You can access all your content on-demand, and this is supposed to make the TV revolutionary.

Concerning changing the way we watch things, the Smart TV is truly revolutionary. However, concerning protecting your privacy, the Smart TV scores dismally. Companies can track what you are watching, collate the data and then sell it to advertising firms. The advertising firms will then confront you with advertisements specially tailored to your behaviour.

Also, Smart TVs depend on apps. You have to download and install apps. Hackers use apps to identify their victims and launch hacking attacks against the victims. Therefore, every time you use your Smart TV, know that you are taking many privacy risks.

Virtual Babysitters

Virtual Babysitters use Artificial Intelligence to carry out some of the most basic babysitting functions. In principle, virtual babysitters should make life easy for everyone at home: parents and the children. However, in practice, virtual babysitters may end up making life difficult for everyone at home.

Tests indicate that virtual babysitters remain very vulnerable to hacking attacks. When hackers use very sophisticated tools to launch complex and sustained hacking attacks against your virtual babysitter, the chances are that they may succeed. Since it is impossible to imagine what would happen should hackers succeed to hack into your virtual babysitter; use these devices with care since they are not smart when it comes to your privacy.

Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats automatically control the temperatures in your home. Interestingly, these devices, which are smart, are in reality very stupid concerning protecting your privacy.

One, you need to know that every time you use your smart thermostat, Google can collect all the data about your behaviour at home. The data may be about the time that you go to bed, when you wake up and time that you spend carrying out different types of activities while at home. The company can then sell the data to an advertiser. Even if it does not sell the data (yes, Google does not sell your data) the fact that a company can secretly monitor you using your device is scary.

Besides, hackers can gain access to your smart thermostat and cause you unbearable pain. Imagine what hackers can do when they gain control over the device that controls temperatures in your home!

The Smart Watch

Your smart watch is not really “smart” after all. The kind of authentification used on the small device is not high-grade. When hackers try to access your smart watch, they may succeed. And even hackers do not succeed in their attempts to access your smartwatch; the smart watch fails to detect the hacking attempts. You would expect that a “smart” device can detect unauthorised access attempts and even notify you. Well, the smart watch does not have the capability of doing this simple task.

Therefore, every time that you wear your smartwatch remember that you put your personal privacy to risk.

The Samsung Smart Fridge

The Samsung Smart Fridge can do so many things apart from keeping food fresh. For example, it can send messages and even post on your social media walls. The problem with this gadget is that hackers can access it. So far, Samsung has not managed to patch up all the security vulnerabilities in this gadget. Therefore, use it with the knowledge that it does not guarantee your privacy.


All these gadgets share the common problem of vulnerability to hacker attacks. The companies that make these smart devices are still working to improve the level of security in these devices. However, in the meantime, they remain stupid gadgets for privacy and they compromise your privacy.

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