Internet censorship pros and cons

The Internet is arguably one of the man’s greatest invention. It has become a great information hub that you can’t keep up with the information it brings you. At the same time, it’s able to keep us in touch and contact with our families and friends. Clearly, the Internet has come in and changed our lives, and also changed the perspective we have on our lives and how best we can tackle it. And with every good thing, there are restrictions which are put in some cases and this particular case, Internet restrictions. Many people argue that it is good, others believe internet censorship is not. Well to find out, we list the Internet censorship pros and cons.

Internet censorship pros and cons

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PRO’s of Internet Censorship

Keeps children from watching unsavory content

One Internet censorship pro is that it keeps children from watching any bad material. It is through this material that children might be baited into child trafficking, and if you can stop them from watching it then you are doing good to stop a whole lot of other crimes. In this regard, Internet censorship is a pro.

Free society can and should have limits

Some journalists advocate for freedom of speech at all times, but at the same time, they also cry for some restrictions on this freedom. Absolute freedom would drive people crazy and various vices such as cyber bullying would start to crop up. Racist speech, derogatory terms and other various bad things can’t allow in cyberspace, their internet censorship is a pro on this one.

Internet censorship can control illegal acts

Illegal activities on the Internet such as selling narcotics, drugs and other illegal weapons can also be overcome. No one desires the world which resembles anarchy and other people are doing what they want more than you are. Malicious content can easily be spread when people do not have some regulations imposed on them.

It also helps to strengthen national security

Laws against the hacking and cyber attacks of infrastructure and critical networks can help deter any malicious actors from actually attacking the networks. With Internet censorship, it would be hard to keep all bad elements from accessing confidential material which could, therefore, pose threats to security

Identity theft slows down

As you limit the number of information people get on the Internet, personal information is also at the same time. Various software’s such as anti-phishing software help to keep information safe and is its way of Internet censorship.

CON’s of Internet Censorship

No freedom of expression

Critics if Internet censorship believes when it’s made a law, there would be no freedom of speech and expression for the media and for the people which is in itself a violation of the First Amendment. The law could also stop people from learning the truth about anything and such a thing is consider a crime.

The government could use it to their advantage

Critics also believe that Internet censorship could be used by the government to intentionally keep information from them in abusive governments or corrupt ones. Government leaders could for example, ban any video which shows them doing anything scandalous. Dictators could also do propaganda as a way to capitalize from this.

It’s more money spend by the government

Evidently, for the government to be able to implement the censorship, they have to invest in some new equipment for their plan to be able to work out. Aside from that, they also have to pay for maintenance, monitoring and upgrades. Monitoring the Internet 24/7 is surely not cheap.

It’s detrimental to businesses

Many businesses use the Internet to advertise themselves so any censorship would harm them. Obviously, any ban imposed on their websites would seriously curtail their profits and sales. Any form of Internet censorship would make it hard for these firms to reach their goals.

People would do self-autonomy

Just like governments, some affluent people would choose what they want to be seen online and therefore in a way affect people’s perspective and thinking.


Clearly, you have to choose your own after looking at all the Internet censorship pros and cons. Some countries have implemented such bans, such as China and Turkey and they argue it has been good for local businesses, China in particular. Others believe freedom of speech is the way to go.

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