How to Hide Your IP Address

Your IP address is a unique combination of numbers that tell your exact location. The IP address is your unique identifier. Anyone who has your IP address can tell where you are and even, in some cases, all the time that you spend online. One good thing about your IP address is that you can manipulate it concerning changing or even hiding it. Changing your IP address is complicated. However, hiding your IP address is easy. Here are some of the ways that you can use to hide your IP address so that no one can detect your online activities.

Hide Your IP Address

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Why you may have to hide your IP address

  1. Access geo-restricted content – Some companies such as Hulu and Netflix control the content that they stream online. They restrict access to their content to specific geographical locations. They can tell your location by looking at your IP address. Therefore, when you hide your IP address, the servers of the streaming companies cannot tell your location. You can then access the content without any restrictions.
  2. Protect your online security – When you get online, you face all manner of security threats. Phishing attacks, malware and attempts at identity theft are some of the dangers you face when you are online. To help protect your online security, you can hide your IP address.
  3. Bypass internet censorship – Certain regimes still seek to control what their citizens do when they get online. Government agencies try to monitor specific citizens and find out everything about their online activities. You can bypass internet censorship by hiding your IP address. Also, when you are accessing the internet from a public Wi-Fi, you make it easy for spies to track you down. Therefore, you need to protect your security when using public Wi-Fi networks. One way of ensuring your safety is hiding your IP address.

Methods of Hiding your IP Address

Method 1: Using a VPN

You can hide your IP address by using a VPN service. You need to choose a VPN service provider that gives users very reliable services and handles complaints fast. There are very many VPN service companies. Many of these companies offer standard VPN services. However, they differ regarding reliability, the number of servers that they have and how they address customer complaints.

One of the most common VPN services is Hide My Ass VPN. If you choose to use HideMyAss, you have to purchase a membership plan and install it on your device. You will then be ready to use your device comfortably since no one will tell your actual IP address.

One disadvantage of using VPN to hide your IP address is that when you use a VPN, you end up experiencing reduced internet speeds. VPNs encrypt your traffic before sending it through dedicated channels. This high level of security compromises your connectivity speeds.

Method 2: Using Web Proxies

Web proxies are special types of servers which contact websites on your behalf. When you use a proxy server, the different websites you contact cannot tell your IP address since they only see the IP address of the proxy server.

Many proxy servers in the market offer paid services. At a small fee, you can access their services for a limited period. However, others offer free services. Free web proxies usually depend on advertising for their sustenance. Hence, when you use them, expect to get a lot of advertisements.

One disadvantage of proxy servers is that they are not completely secure. Some websites can now detect proxy servers and block the servers from accessing content. If you choose to use proxy servers to hide your IP address, you have to ensure that you use a proxy server which is still effective.

Also, proxy servers cannot measure up to VPNs concerning security. Proxy servers do not encrypt your data. Therefore, even if you get high connectivity speeds when using web proxy servers, you compromise the security of your data.


In conclusion, you can use either a web proxy or a VPN service to hide your IP address. You have to consider your budget as well as personal preferences when making the choice.

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