Choosing a VPN for Gaming – 5 Factors to Consider

All VPN services can help you to access your favourite games and play in a safe environment. However, all VPNs differ in their performance. Therefore, when you use any given VPN service for gaming, you will experience a particular speed, performance and feel. Given that you need a service that helps you access and play your games perfectly, you need to be very careful when choosing a VPN for gaming.

Choosing a VPN for Gaming

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5 Factors to Consider while Choosing a VPN for Gaming

Here are some of the most valuable tips to help you choose the best VPN for gaming. Use the tips to sift through the hundreds of VPN services on the market and settle on the best choice.

The VPN Protocols

Different VPN services use different types of protocols. The most common protocols include the following: OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP. The PPTP protocol is one of the oldest. Nowadays, many clients and experts consider the PPTP protocol as unreliable. However, it remains in use. The L2TP and OpenVPN protocols are new entrants in the field.

Many gamers consider the OpenVPN protocol as the best protocol. Now, when choosing your gaming VPN service, check the protocols that they use. It is common for gamers to go for VPN services that use the OpenVPN protocols. Others consider those services that use the L2TP protocol as the most secure ones. Regardless of your preference, make sure that you check the protocol that the VPN service you select uses.

The Pricing Plans

All VPN services have specific pricing plans that they use. It is now an industry standard for VPN services to use pricing plans based on one, three, six and twelve months. When considering the price, remember to check for additional benefits. Other services charge relatively high prices but then offer clients more additional benefits.

For example, some services let you connect 5 or more devices using your account. Therefore, when considering the price that different VPN services charge, always match the prices with the offers. Also, many services offer the 30-day money back promise. However, it is not easy for any client to claim for this. Always check for conditions.

The server network

The server network of any VPN service determines its performance. Services that have very strong server networks can help many clients connect to the service from anywhere. Besides a reliable server network helps to maintain the speed at which customers access the service.

In this case, the server network is a major factor that you should consider when choosing a VPN for gaming. First, go for services that have very many servers. It will be easy for you to connect to the server of such services in any region in the world. You will then find it easy to play your game without any interruption. Second, choose services that have servers in many countries. This will ensure that you have an outstanding gaming experience.

FTP Connections

Some VPN services allow clients to create private FTP connections. They let clients create and manage their private servers at home. If a VPN service lets you create and host your VPN server at home, then you should consider using it for your gaming experience. The reasons for this are obvious. For example, when you create your server at home, you can enjoy your gaming experience more since many other people can play the game.

Also, using a home server increases your level of privacy and security. Although this may not be a crucial factor, you still have to consider it when choosing your VPN service provider. Some of the VN service providers that allow users to create and maintain home servers include HideMyAss VPN and ExpressVPN.

The reputation of the VPN service

Lastly, remember to check the reputation of the VPN service. There are some VPN services that many gamers agree are outstanding. For example, gamers choose ExpressVPN because it helps them have a unique gaming experience. Therefore, when selecting a VPN service for gaming, remember to check on what the users of the service say. You can use the opinion of the users as a guide when making a choice.


In conclusion, gamers need speed, reliability and privacy when using a VPN service. For you to have an enjoyable gaming experience, remember to consider these factors when choosing a VPN for gaming. Doing so will help you have an outstanding gaming experience.

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