Best VPNs for Netherlands – List of 7 Best VPNs

There are very many reasons as to why you may have to use a VPN when you are in the Netherlands. For example, you may want to access content which the owners only stream to selected countries. For example, for you to watch live NFL matches, you should be in the United States. Second, you may wish to browse the internet as an anonymous entity as a way of protecting your online privacy. Third, you may wish to access the content of the companies that stream online.

Best VPNs for Netherlands

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If you have a Netflix US account and you happen to travel out of the United States, you may need a VPN to access your account. Because of these reasons, you need to be careful when selecting a VPN to use. Here are some of the best VPNs for Netherlands:

Express VPN

Express VPN is suitable for your privacy needs regardless of your location. In this case, if you are in the Netherlands, you can use the service to maintain your online privacy. The service uses military-grade encryption protocols to encrypt your data and keep you safe from any third party. Therefore, when you use Express VPN, you can maintain your online privacy since nobody can see your IP address.

Besides, the service ensures that your IP address does not leak if you lose your connection to the VPN servers. If for some reason, you lose your connection to the server, the advanced security features disconnect you from the service immediately. This immediate disconnection helps to maintain your personal security and online privacy.


HideMyAss is another important VPN service that you can use to access the internet while in the Netherlands. To begin with, HideMyAss can enable you to overcome any form of geo-restrictions that content providers place on their content. In this case, when you are in the Netherlands, you can access the content of any website in the world.

For example, you can create and access Netflix US even when you are not in the US. Besides, HideMyAss has relatively good connectivity speeds. The high connectivity speeds of the service will enable you to watch content online without any disruption.

Nord VPN

Nord VPN is another common VPN service that you can use to access the internet when you are in the Netherlands. Several things make Nord VPN one of the best VPN services that you can use when you are in the Netherlands. In the first place, the company offers its clients high-quality services.

The high quality of the services of the company is in the form of connectivity speeds, reliability and the excellent customer support operations. Second, NordVPN has very competitive prices. Many clients find the different pricing plans of the service quite affordable.

Cactus VPN

Cactus VPN is a relatively new VPN service. However, the VPN has a unique service offering that makes it one of the best VPNs that you can use when you are in the Netherlands. For example, the service prioritises the need to maintain the privacy of the clients. The company uses advanced encryption protocols such as IPSec and AES to encrypt the data of its customers.

Second, the service maintains a zero-log policy. Under the zero-log policy, the company does not keep client data at all. Therefore, by having a zero-log policy in place and using advanced encryption protocols, the company enables clients to achieve the objectives of privacy and anonymity when online.

Strong VPN

Strong VPN is a relatively small VPN service. If you compare the server strength of Strong VPN to those of the other VPN services, it is clear that Strong VPN has a small server network. However, the company uses its small size to its advantage. For example, it offers its clients highly personalised services. Also, many clients find it easy to set up the service on their devices. Therefore, if you are in the Netherlands, you may consider using Strong VPN for highly personalised services.

Invisible Browsing VPN

Invisible Browsing VPN maintains clients’ logs for a week. The good thing is that the company makes it clear that it keeps records for a week. Therefore, when you choose to use Invisible Browsing VPN, you should know that the company will keep your records for a week. After that, the company destroys your records. You can use Invisible Browsing to achieve the main objectives of using a VPN. You can remain anonymous, overcome geo-restrictions and maintain your personal security.

In conclusion, you can use any of these best VPNs for Netherlands. All these VPN services have strong encryption protocols that help clients to remain completely anonymous when online. Therefore, if you are in the Netherlands, you can use any of these VPNs to overcome geo-restrictions and access any form of online content.

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