7 Best VPNs for Windows Devices – Stay Secure

If you are using a Windows device, you may find it necessary to use a VPN. The Windows platform has inbuilt security features. The security features provide you with the privacy and personal safety at the most basic level. However, you cannot use the features to browse the internet as an anonymous entity. Therefore, as it is the case with many other operating systems, you need to use a VPN for your personal security and privacy. There are many best VPNs for Windows that you can use on your devices.

Best VPNs for Windows Devices

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Best VPNs for Windows

The following are some of the best VPNs for Windows devices:


hidemyass-webThe following are some of the most important features that define HideMyAss VPN service. First, the service has affordable pricing plans that start from an average or about $11 per month. If you choose the twelve-month or six-month plan, you will end up paying lower prices per month. In addition to the average pricing plans, HideMyAss allows clients to test its service for a fixed period. Also, if you meet certain conditions, you can cancel your subscription and the company will refund you.


expressvpn-webExpress is another VPN that you can use on your Windows devices. ExpressVPN has global coverage. The service has more than 1,000 servers. The servers are spread in more than 70 countries across the world. Therefore, regardless of your location, you can unblock any website in the world by using Express VPN. More so, ExpressVPN works on all Windows devices as well as on devices that run on other operating systems. Therefore, you can use your ExpressVPN to access the internet as an anonymous entity.


ipvanish-webIPVanish is another VPN service that you can use for your Windows devices. Several features of IPVanish make it one of the best VPNs for Windows. First, IPVanish has global coverage, just as it is the case with the other leading VPN services. Second, IPVanish uses highly advanced protocols to encrypt the traffic of clients. Some of the protocols that IPVanish uses to encrypt client traffic include OpenVPN and IPSec. Third, it is relatively easy to set up IPVanish on your Windows device. These three features make IPVanish one of the best VPNs for Windows.

CyberGhost VPN

cyberghost-webCyberGhost VPN is a small VPN service operating from Romania. The service has servers in about 30 countries. Therefore, you can choose from hundreds of IP addresses that give you access to servers in 30 countries. It is easy to set up CyberGhost on your Windows device. Besides, the company has an excellent customer support team. Members of the customer support team are always on hand to help you during the setup process.


purevpn-webPureVPN has more than 500 servers spread in different countries across the world. The service has more than 80,000 unique IP addresses. Therefore, PureVPN compares favourably with the other major VPN services in the market. One more important thing about PureVPN is that the setup process is easy.

Therefore, you can set it up on your Windows device within a very short time. Besides, you can pay for the service using Bitcoin. When you pay for a VPN service using Bitcoin, you increase your level of security. The different payment methods, ease of setup and network strength are some of the factors that make PureVPN one of the best VPNs for Windows.

Private Internet Access

pia-webPrivate Internet Access is an American company. Therefore, the NSA may easily get all the data that the company does if a need arises. However, the location of the company in the United States does not mean that the company offers poor services. On the contrary, Private Internet Access is one of the best VPN services that pay close attention to client needs. The small size of the company is an advantage. Assistants are always on hand to help you whenever you experience a technical problem. Therefore, you can use Private Internet Access on your Windows devices with ease.

Simple VPN

simplevpnSimple VPN has only 20 servers in 20 different countries. The company also has a single pricing plan that costs $8 per month. The company allows clients to pay using several methods, including Bitcoin. If you choose to use your Windows devices on this service, you can have the benefit of connecting several devices using your account. Moreover, the service does not keep client logs. Because of the zero-log policy that is in place, you can maintain your privacy and anonymity when online by using the service.


In conclusion, these are the best VPNs for Windows devices. Several factors make these services the most suitable ones for Windows devices. Some of the most important factors include the encryption protocols and the setup process of the services. You should note that apart from Windows, you can use these services on any other operating system.

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