6 Best Password Managers for 2017

There are very many best password managers in the market. Most of them offer similar benefits concerning pricing plans. However, when choosing a password manager, you need to consider its functionality, reputation and other things.

Best Password Managers

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List of 6 best password managers

Here is a list of some of the best password managers based on their functionality and overall performance.

  1. 1 Password

If you are using 1Password on your Apple devices, you may use the Touch ID feature. On the other hand, you can use this password manager on any other device. Several things make this password manager quite efficient. One, you can use it on an individual device or you can share it with a family of five individuals. Two, it costs about $3 per month to use the password manager as an individual. As a family, it costs about $5 per month.

  1. LastPass

You can use LastPass to fill in all your forms online and keep all your passwords safe. Many clients say that the password manager generates very complicated passwords for different accounts. Therefore, many people find it a reliable password manager.  There are two pricing plans: the free and the premium plans. The premium plan has additional features. However, the free plan will still do the basic things that you need from a password manager.

  1. Dashlane

Dashlane is one of the best password managers in the market. There are two versions: the free one and the premium one. You can use the premium version to sync your personal information across multiple devices. Both versions of Dashlane work on Android, iOS and Windows perfectly. A premium version of Dashlane costs about $40 for a year; this is a fair price.

  1. Keeper Desktop

Keeper Desktop stores your other files in addition to your passwords. Hence, you can use it to store crucial photos and other types of files. For about $30, you can get the premium version of this password manager. You can use the premium version to store an unlimited number of passwords, use the manager on multiple devices and get additional security features.

  1. RoboForm

There are two versions of Roboform: the free one and the premium one. The free version stores login details for ten accounts. The premium version stores an unlimited number of account login details. For the premium version, you will have to pay about $10 for one year. Although RoboForm is not as advanced as some of the other best password managers, it has a very sleek web app. You can use the app to change your settings and do some of the basic functions on your account.

  1. Password Depot

Password Depot can store so many other things apart from your passwords, including your credit card details. If you want to access the most advanced features of this password manager, such as syncing it with your other devices, you have to buy the full version. The full version costs $29.95. You will have 30 days to try it out before you decide on whether you would like to buy the full version.

These are some of best password managers available in the market. Most of them have two pricing plans: a basic one and a premium one. The basic pricing plans only allow you to save a limited number of passwords. However, the premium plans let you store an unlimited number of passwords. Also, the premium plans of these password managers let you sync your details and share them on multiple devices.

The prices for the premium plans differ significantly. For some password managers, you have to pay a fixed amount of money to access the full version. For others, you have to pay a fixed sum of money per month for the premium version.

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