6 Cyber Security Tools – Increase your Cyber Security

You may hide your IP addressprotect your data from hackers and take all the necessary steps to keep yourself safe. However, you may still face cyber security threats. For you to remain safe, you need to use different types of cyber security tools.

Cyber Security Tools

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6 Cyber Security Tools for Privacy

Here are some of these cyber security tools that cyber security experts agree that you should be using at all times.

The Windows Godmode

One, the Windows Godmode gives you access to information related to your safety. You can use the tool to control your cyber security.  According to Ron Woerner, who lectures on security studies at the Bellevue University, anyone who is serious about cyber security should use the Godmode to control all the OS settings. Also, you can use the mode on both the earlier and current versions of Windows.

Endpoint Detection and Response

According to Neil MacDonald, a security analyst at Gardner, professionals should use this tool to help them manage their security better. He says that the strength of this tool lies in its ability to help you manage all the code in your security system. You can use the tool to detect, analyse and sieve all the code in your security system. Once the tool determines that a particular code is not authorised, it automatically stops the execution of the code.

You can use this tool to improve the level of your cyber security since it will help to protect your system from an unauthorised code. This is important because it helps to protect you from malware.

Insider Threat Detection

This is another important cyber security tool. According to Mike Pappy, you can use Insider Threat Protection to monitor your system at all times. Mike Pappy is the CISO of Northrop Grumman. He has been practising cyber security for a long time. He says that if you concentrate on identifying and removing malware threats from external sources only, you may be missing the big picture. According to him, you still face threats from internal sources.

Internal threats are equally important. In practice, when your system has specific internal problems, it may fail to work completely. Therefore, both internal and external threats are important. Consequently, you need to use tools that help you address the two types of threats. That is why Mike Pappy recommends this tool as the best that you can use to manage external and internal threats to your system.

Microsoft EMET

In addition to the other tools, you can use Microsoft EMET to improve your cyber security. According to Yier Jin, who teaches cybersecurity at the University of Central Florida, Microsoft EMET provides an extra layer of security to your system. He recommends that you use the tool as a way of protecting yourself against hackers.

The tool covers the weak points in your security system and makes it difficult for would-be hackers to penetrate your defences successfully. Currently, hacking is still a significant threat to everyone using the internet. Therefore, using the tool means that you are improving your defences to increase your cyber security.

Fire Eye Malware Detection

Next, you can use the Fire Eye Malware Detection tool. This tool does two important things: constantly monitors the level of security of your system and analyses the data that you send. Randy Marchany, an IT security expert at Virginia Tech, recommends that you use this tool to improve your system security. Since the tool analyses the traffic that you send, it can detect some of the rarest threats that many people do not think much about. Besides, you can use it to monitor the overall level of security of your system.

Patch Management Tool

Lastly, Gary Hyslip, a famous IT security expert in the City of San Diego, recommends using the Patch Management Tool.

He says that cyber security management is a continuous process. Often, new threats emerge. If you fail to deal with the new threats, you can end up losing your data or the whole system.  You need a good tool that continuously patches your system and protects you against new threats. He says that the Patch Management tool is the best that you can use.


In conclusion, these are the essential cyber security tools you can use to increase your overall level of cyber security. You can use them to monitor, detect and neutralise external threats to the security of your system.

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