6 Browser Plugins for Cyber Security

Apart from viruses, Trojan horses and other common malware, you face many other threats when online. Hackers are always sending your tantalising messages laced with poisoned links as a way of stealing your personal information. You can protect yourself from the many online dangers that you face by securing your web browser.

Browser Plugins for Cyber Security

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Top 6 Browser Plugins for Cyber Security

Here is a description of some of the best browser extensions that you can use to improve your online security.

  1. NoScript

NoScript prevents malicious websites from playing specific scripts on your browser. Malware programs can infect your browser very easily. This happens when your browser mistakenly executes specific scripts. However, NoScript prevents this from happening by learning how you browse the web and blocking any script that is inconsistent with your habits. NoScript can protect you from the worst forms of malware which can ruin your browser and wreck your browsing experience.

  1. Ublock Origin

Ublock Origin is one of the most common adblockers in the market. It blocks advertisements from showing or playing in your browser. Advertisements can be a nightmare to your browsing experience. In particular, when using a proxy server as opposed to a VPN, you will experience a lot of advertisements. You need a good browser plugin like Ublock Origin to keep your browsing experience ad-free. The plugin works well with all the common types of web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

  1. Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger helps to detect online trackers. Cyber criminals can track you down and monitor your browsing activities using sophisticated malware programs. On the other hand, websites can track your behaviour for the sake of improving their services.

You can use Privacy Badger to detect any online tracking activity and block what you do not like. The plugin shows you the severity of the tracking in the form of three colour codes: green, yellow and red. The plugin blocks content from websites that it categorises under the red colour code. Yellow-coded websites are not particularly harmful; however, you may consider blocking their content as well.

You can adjust the settings on Privacy Badger to suit your individual needs. The plugin works well on all the standard web browsers.

  1. Adblock Plus

You can use Adblock Plus to protect your online privacy at the most basic level. This plugin disables all forms of advertisement-related malware. You can also play with the settings of the plugin to ensure that you have the best browsing experience. You can install the plugin on any common type of web browser including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.

  1. Blur and Ghostery

Here are some of the things that Blur and Ghostery does:

  1. Blocks all advertisements that look intrusive so that you can browse the web in peace.
  2. Detects all tracking activities and disables them so that companies and hackers cannot monitor your online behaviour.
  3. Works as a password manager in that you can use it to generate and keep all your passwords for your online accounts.
  4. Holds all your financial and other forms of confidential information safe when you are online.

Therefore, you can use Blur and Ghostery for very many functions. You can get the free or paid version of this plugin and install it on your web browser for your online privacy and security.

Install any of these plugins on your web browser and you will protect your online security. The good thing about these plugins is that you can change their settings to fit your personal preferences.

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